Israel and Egypt

From our program – Israel 6 nights & Egypt 4 nights 

Day 1 – After breakfast we’ll travel through the Jordan Valley towards “komran “where ancient manuscripts were discovered in the Essence. We will get to the Dead Sea and stop at a cosmetic shop where cosmetics product are manufactured from the Dead Sea’s salts and minerals. We will continue to Eilat, the Israeli  famous resort town on the shores of the Red Sea, and from there to Taba, the border crossing from Israel into the Sinai peninsula in Egypt. We’ll  drive along the coast on our way to the Holy Monastery of Santa Catharina that was built by the Great Byzantine Emperor – Justinian 550-551, where Moses spoke with God.

Day 2 –  at 2:00 in the morning we’ll climb on Mount Sinai, where Moses received the tablets. Back to the hotel and after breakfast we’ll visit the monastery “Santa Catharina” and then continue for there  and cross the Sinai Peninsula on our way to Cairo – the capital of Egypt.

Day 3 – after breakfast we’ll travel towards Alexandria and visit the monastery Sf. Macarie in The Natroun valley next to the Sf. Mina’s monastery (with remains of saints). We will visit the Library of Alexandria and the ancient Roman fortress.

Day 4 – After breakfast we will have a city tour ; Visiting the Museum of Egyptology, and the monastery of  Sf. Marcu (remains of the tomb of Sf. Apostol  Marck), The Old City, Church of Salvation, the Three Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the papyrus and perfume laboratories

Day 5 – After breakfast we’ll  leave Cairo and on our way we’ll cross the Nile River  and the Sinai Peninsula with a stunning views of the Red Sea arriving to the city “Nuweiba.” We’ll cross the border at Taba, and arrive at the southern resort city of Israel – Eilat, located in the Gulf of Eilat on the Red Sea.


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