“The land of Jesus” – the birthplace of Jesus in Israel perceives a large part of Israel’s heart. All Romney claims that he has two homelands: one – Romania the country where he was born and the second – the Holy Land – Israel and where Jesus – the leader of Christianity was born.Therefore every Christian wants to come to Israel – the Holy Land so that he could walk the path of Christ

Our programs are the result of a sustained effort of many years, and includes the Crusaders trips important goals. Each tour begins with a visit to Bethlehem – the Nativity Church.

we’ll continue our pilgrimage  journey by climbing on the mount Scopus to see the top view of the holy city-Jerusalem and the Mount of  Olives. We will visit Eleon monastery, the  Pater Noster , church (Our Father) and the church “Flavia Dominus (lord wept). The Gethsemane Garden  nations church, Church of Our Lady and the Gethsemane Cave. We’ll enter through the city gate  of St, Stephen visiting the house where Mary lived in the Antonia Fortress. Crossing on foot of Via Dolorosa with the 14 stations where Jesus stopped on the road to cross, until the Holy Sepulcher. Climbing on Golgotha, anointing stone, visiting all the holy chapels. Visit on Mount Zion Church of the Assumption, visiting the Tower-place and  the King David Tomb. Visit The Western Wall.

Thousands of Romanians who have participated so far in pilgrimage organized by the largest travel agencies in Romania and in almost all centers of pilgrimage by ELAND TOURS Agency in Israel, had only words of gratitude for the excellent organization and performance of all perfections shares

High honors and feedback received from President ELAND-TOURS Agency, are in fact an eloquent proof of the recognition in Romania, the results of these agents, each acting as Roman wants to get once in your life to go on “Jesus road”

God protects Romania and the Holy Spirit be upon Andrew its inhabitants!


Groups of 10-52 persons, minibus and coach midi bus modern air conditioning.

We propose several types of tours;

1. Pilgrimage – 6 nights 7 days (4 n. Accommodation in Jerusalem + 2n.Accommodation in Tiberius).

2. Pilgrimage – 7 nights 8 days (5n.  + 2 n. Accommodation in Jerusalem +2n. Accommodation in Tiberius).

3. Pilgrimage in the Holy Land – 7 nights 8 days + St. Catherina-Sinai Monastery.

4. Pilgrimage – 8 nights / 9 days in the Holy Land – + St. Catherina-SinaiMonastery.

5. Pilgrimage to the Holy Land – 10nights / 11 days (1n. at St. Catherina 3n.Cairo+Alexandria)

6. Pilgrimage to the Holy Land -11nights + 12 days (8n at Egypt- (St. Catherina.-Cairo-Alexandria-cruise on the Nile, Valley of the Kings  – 3 days – religious program).

7. Pilgrimage 9nights / 10 days – Israe l+ Jordan + Sinai (2n at Petra + Amman + 1 n – St . Catherina).

8. Pilgrimage Holy Land + Jordan – 7 nights / 8 days – (Amman + Petra – 2 Nights)

9. Pilgrimage Holy Land + Jordan -8 nights /9 days – (Amman + Petra – 3 nights).

10. Holy pilgrimage to Israel – 2 nights in Jerusalem + 5 / 6 nights in Eilat at the Coast of the Red Sea.

We will match the trip to the demanded of the group and make sure the trip Will include visits to important sites to Christianity or other religions and For tourists from different countries like Hungary, Germany and more.

* Our services include:
–  Hotels on H/B or “all inclusive “
– Car rental (for an individual or group).
– Participation in fairs
– Accommodation at hotels in  our major cities: Haifa, Tel – Aviv and Jerusalem,

or any other city in Israel (according to customer’s request.)
– Vacation at Eilat on the Red Sea shore, Netanya shores of the Mediterranean

and the Dead Sea.
– All services are offered to groups or individuals.